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Dental Fillings Specialist

Chauvin Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry located in Saratoga Springs, NY & Clifton Park, NY

Old-fashioned dental fillings — the prominent silver-colored ones — aren’t the only option any longer. The Chauvin Family Dentistry team uses the latest resins, state-of-the-art ceramics, and advanced dental adhesion protocols to create tooth-colored fillings that restore your tooth to its original strength and appearance. These natural-looking dental fillings are available at their locations in Saratoga Springs and Clifton Park, New York, so call the office nearest you, or book an appointment using the online scheduler.

Dental Fillings Q & A

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings restore a tooth with a cavity — an area of tooth decay. Cavities cause holes in your teeth, and the filling replaces the missing part of the tooth. 

Dental fillings can be small, medium, or large. Your Chauvin Family Dentistry provider customizes its exact dimensions for your tooth.

What are dental fillings made of?

Chauvin Family Dentistry uses the latest dental technology, which includes state-of-the-art filling materials. White dental fillings (tooth-colored fillings or porcelain fillings) include materials such as quality resins and ceramics. 

The team customizes the filling color to match your tooth, ensuring that your filling is virtually invisible. The materials used in white dental fillings are also stain-resistant. 

How does the dental filling process work?

Your dentist starts by numbing the area around the tooth with a cavity. Then, they gently remove the decayed part of the tooth and check to make sure all traces of decay are gone. 

Next, your dentist places the white filling material using advanced adhesion techniques. They apply it in layers, sculpting it to perfectly fit your tooth. Your dentist hardens the filling with a curing light. Finally, your dentist perfects the filling shape and polishes it.

Are white fillings as durable as silver ones?

Yes — and recent studies indicate that with proper technique and application, white fillings actually last longer than old-fashioned silver ones. 

Thanks to technological advancements, white fillings can restore your teeth to very close to their original strength, appearance, and function.  In some cases, as with large cavities, this can give you the advantages of dental crowns but with less preparation and cost. 

What happens after I get a tooth filling?

The Chauvin Family Dentistry team gives you specific aftercare instructions. Generally, you can eat and drink right away. You may have some minor tooth sensitivity in the treated tooth, but it recedes in a day or so. 

How much do dental fillings cost?

The cost varies according to your particular needs. Factors that influence the cost of your filling include the size of the restoration, how much natural tooth structure you have left, and the exact material mixture used for the filling. 

It’s a great time to learn how white dental fillings can prevent further tooth decay while enhancing your smile. Call the Chauvin Family Dentistry office, or click the online scheduler anytime.